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Syrasoft Internet Manager – SIM

Syrasoft Internet Manager (SIM), is our web-enabled add-on software that allows you to connect your business to the internet. SIM helps you grow your business by offering customers greater access to your services.

  • Allow customers to make payments, reserve units, rent units and schedule visits through your website.

  • Transactions are processed in real time by the Syrasoft Automatic Credit Card Payment Processing Interface.

  • Customers can access their account balance in real time.

  • Accept transactions 24/7 without extending employee or property hours.

  • SIM sends transactions for multiple properties directly to each property, eliminating the need for a clearinghouse.

  • Brand SIM with your company name, logo and colors, or embed SIM directly into your existing web page.
  • Enterprise Hub Online Consolidated Reports – EHub (Now Included with Syrasoft Internet Manager!)

    Syrasoft Enterprise Hub (EHub), gives you 24/7 access to reports for all of your properties. EHub allows you to have greater control over your business from anywhere.

  • Consolidate and view data and reports from one or unlimited multiple properties.

  • Export report data to your computer or send it to any of your contacts via e-mail.

  • Intuitive user interface gives you easy access to the information you need.

  • View all of your properties and statistics in map view.

  • User level security assignments give you control over who in your company can access reports.

  • Included at no extra cost with the Syrasoft Internet Manager add-on
  • Bird’s Eye View Map

    Version 9 improvements to the Bird’s Eye View give you greater control over the information you see on your property map as well as control over the orientation and placement of units.

  • View your entire property as a graphical map on one or multiple screens.

  • View which units are rented/vacant with user defined color scheme unit status notifications.

  • Automatic unit status notifications such as: reserved, insured, credit card payments, overlocked, and gate lockout units.

  • Create custom unit status notifications to give you information you need at a glance.

  • Create units that mimic your property setup, including spacing and angling units for vehicle parking.
  • Adding and Editing Tenants

    Version 9 offers increased flexibility when adding new or prospective tenant information as well as when editing current tenant information. Having more control over the information you store on tenants ensures that you have the information you need.

  • Store an unlimited amount of photos for each tenant.

  • Suggested entry fields allow you to include as much or as little information as you need.

  • Streamlined design allows you to enter relevant information on one screen without navigating to other screens.

  • Potential tenants are entered like new tenants, standardizing the tenant information you collect.
  • Rent Adjustment Wizard

    The Rent Adjustment Wizard gives you increased control over your pricing and rent increases. Version 9 includes features that help you visualize the impact rent adjustments will have on your income.

  • Support for all rental periods, not just monthly.

  • Schedule multiple adjustments.

  • Increased scheduling flexibility, allows you to schedule increases on a monthly, yearly and anniversary basis.

  • Recurring scheduled adjustments are fully supported.

  • View a graph of the potential impact adjustments will have on your current income.
  • Promo Plans and Recurring Charges

    Version 9 offers increased flexibility when applying recurring charges, discounts and promotional plans. The increased functionality gives you greater control over specialized pricing of your units.

  • Recurring charges and discounts can be set up using percentages as well as flat amounts.

  • Recurring charges and discounts can be scheduled to occur on intervals that are different from the unit rental period.

  • Promo plans can be applied to all rental periods.

  • The promo plan feature is now included in all Syrasoft editions.

  • Multiple promo plans can be selected at once (e.g. Military discount and prepay for 3 months).
  • Report Workcenter

    Version 9 includes a redesigned Reports WorkCenter that focuses on efficient report generation. The added features will give you more control over the reports you use and how you use them.

  • Streamlined workflow with all report functions accessible from one screen.

  • Add custom reports and generate batches.

  • Generate reports for specific users or units to view entire user or unit history.

  • Customize your print settings on each report to streamline report printing.
  • Ready to take your facility management to the next level?